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What is Expat Speed Dating

Expat Speed Dating organizes various events for meeting local people or other Expats. During an speed dating event around 20 male and 20 female single mingle together and have short dates of 3 to 4 minutes.

In only one evening you have 20 new contacts!

How it works
From the moment that you arrive, we will welcome you with a free drink and your own personal match- card. Once everybody has arrived the host will explain the details of the evening.

During a Speed Dating event, you will meet around 20 other expats that are all single and ready to meet you. Once the dating rounds start, you will have three minutes to talk to a member of the opposite sex, and connect with that person.

After each round, the gentlemen will move on to a new seat, and a new lady. You can then indicate whether you'd like to stay in touch with your date by marking them down on your match-card. If you would like to see your date again you will fill out 'Yes', and if you are not interested in seeing this person again, you will fill out 'No'.

During the speed dating event you can relax during two 15 minute breaks. The speed dating will end around 10.30PM. However, you are more than welcome to stay for some drinks, chat and dance with all your new friends.

After the speed dating event the hosts will collect your match-cards and check to see if there are matches (a mutual 'yes'). Your personal matches will be sent by email the next day, including contact details. Now it is up to you to plan your next date.

Your personal match-card
Your match card has space for you to write down the names of the speed date contacts that you meet and whether you would like to see them again or not. At the end of the speed date event, we will take the side of the match-card with the yes-no responses and you will keep the side of the match-card with your notes about the great people you met.

A fun night out!
Expat speed dating is an ideal way to meet new people. Three minutes may seem short, but through our experience we've learned that this is enough time to find out if there is a 'click'. You will normally feel if someone 'suits' you within minutes, or if you are interested in seeing them again.

During a speed dating evening we completely take care of everything, including the assistance of a professional host, a welcome drink, some snacks and a great atmosphere. We at Expat Speed dating provide a relaxed atmosphere so that you can get the most success out of your dating experience.

We can only invite a maximum of 20 gentlemen and 20 ladies to each event, so make sure that you RSVP quickly so that you don't lose your dating spot!

Please keep in mind that we have "Locals & expats" events where the majority will be local people (maximum of 4 Expats per event) and we have also "Expats (Dutchies welcome)" events where there be mainly Expats.

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Upcoming events

  1. Tue Jul 23 8:00 PM
    Utrecht Speeddaten 25-35 jaar
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  2. Tue Jul 23 8:00 PM
    Den haag Speeddaten 60-75 jaar
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  3. Thu Jul 25 8:00 PM
    Nijmegen Speeddaten 20-35 jaar
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